Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Make your clothes, inspirations from books and blogs!

Wow. Its been forever and a day! I have kept busy...don't we all!! I am back here and want to share some of the clothes I have made and tried to make in the last little while. I have been so inspired by some of the books I have in my collection (mostly the drape drape series and also the magic pattern series).  However I have to say that I have found a couple of blogs recently that have not only inspired me as the books would but enabled me to move to the next step. I think that these ladies are so awesome because they make their own clothes AND because they share their experiences and photos. There are most likely a gazillion of blogs out there and I have found these two to be right up my alley. Check em out: Handemade by Caroline and ancien-nouveau. Thank you ladies!

Here is my latest adventure. I am in the magic patterns right now! This one from the knit one (#3). I can't wait to try a few other ones.

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