Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Magic pattern book series, a review.

Similar to the drape drape series, these books for me are a great source of inspiration. They are in sorts an educational series as there is lots of knowledge to be gained.

There are not necessarily a pattern in themselves. There are no 'ready made cut-out patterns' of the garment but instead many' how to' and actual measurements so that you can create your own pattern. The first book contain a 'template' upper frame pattern that is used as the base of your projects. As a point of interest, I am 5.10 and a size 12 with wide shoulders and in 'regular' clothes I tend to go from a large to an Xlarge. I had to add a size to the basic template as the large was not quite big enough for me.  

The ideas are unique and while some pieces I know I'll never try, some others keep me up at night they are so much fun!! (I know I am a bit of a sewing geek). I guess I should point out that these books have been around for some time already and they first came out in Japanese so many fashonistas have been designing their own versions of these pieces for some time now. The English version are more recent and the #3 book (stretch fabric) I believe came out not too long ago (spring 2013). 

You may have read the bit that I wrote on the drape drape series but in case you didn't: Their are a vast number of blogs that include great pictures available online. They show how these garments look like in real life and in all sizes. Before you go ahead and try them, I suggest you go snoop a little as you will gain lots of precious tips that will help you.

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