Tuesday, February 14, 2017

by Sofs and Michelle feat. Art Resin

Yes we are still alive!!..We have a new blog however we are keeping this one as well ...you can find us on sofsdesigns.com/sofsblog !

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Using low poly 3d papercrafts for interior decoration

Why not! Its cool, cheap and unique. Not to mention green! or white, orange, red, blue... :)

Get your DIY template paper frame here for just a few dollars.

What you could also do is paint, draw, stuff your frame. You could also magnet-ize, chalk-tize or white board-ize your frame.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

An old craft about to become the next big thing.

I am not the only one who has fallen for papercrafts and from the looks of it, it has been around for a long long time and is making a come back or should I say gaining new fans. I believe that its from the advancement of 3d printing. The influence this movement has and will be seen in many different media fields.

I thought it would be useful for me to share my findings on the `branch`of papercrafts that I am mostly smitten with, mainly the 3d low polygon papercraft sculptures or objects.

Our own shop is www.sofsdesigns.com

On Etsy there are some big shops that seem to have been going at it for a little while already:

Check it out :  (in random order)

Paperwolfs shop

Paperwolfs etsy shop

Wintercroft etsy shop

Assembli etsy shop

PazzleCraft etsy shop


Most likely some shops I haven`t discovered yet.

Also there are many other shops that do beautiful work as well although I would put them more into to paper toys categories. See for example 

Pukaca shop 

Pukaca etsy shop

Katokami shop
Katokami etsy shop

There are also some shops that offer a mix of toys, crafts and gift boxes made out of fun paper models. Here is a shop such as this:

Claudine Hellmuth  shop 

Claudine Hellmuth etsy shop

I described in a previous post how I discovered paper toys when I purchased the Papertoy Monster book.  Therefore, apart form the Etsy world, there are a huge community of paper toys enthusiasts out there. You just have to google 'paper toy' to realize it.

Finally, something also interesting that pop up in my research is this shop who gain momentum with crowd funding. I predict this is also the beginning of a new trend to watch for on crowd funding sites:
Papertophy indiegogo project

Papertrophy indiegogo project

Well have fun discovering the world of Papercrafts! and to check out my stuff....Sofsdesigns .

Bisous my friends, Sofs

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Careful, papercrafts may become a preoccupation - a good one.

Playing with papercrafts is something unique and different. The supplies (and skills) are readily available, cheap and the results make for a big impact.

Here are the things you will need:
*        - Paper - Anywhere from 32lb to card stock (65lb) should do the trick
*        - Craft knife and cutting mat
*        - Glue - I use a glue stick and a tooth pick for tricky corners (I love PRITT glue, works best so far)
*        - Ruler and an open safety pin - Use these tools to score your fold lines. You can also use an old dried up pen
*        - Time and patience
I recommend starting with simpler models as they are easier to make. Most of my papercrafts are mainstream family friendly so they will give you enough practice to build up your experience. 

WANNA TRY and PRACTICE! Right click on these 2 templates to make this 'thing' see picture after template. (part of the rings and things collection going up soon on my Sofsdesigns etsy shop.) 

You will need to right click and open in new tab to get them 'full size'. Once you have saved both template on your computer, you can print (same size) on any color card stock paper you like. Use these simple instruction.

Sofs papercraft template. Thing p.1/2


Sofs papercraft template. Thing p.2/2


After a few of these pilot projects, you may decide to try some of the really cool and more difficult projects.

The designs can be used as toys, decorations, and as gift boxes or `greeting cards`. There are so many uses you are sure to find new ones all the time. All of the designs that you will find here are originals - created by me - and have been tried in real life.

Have fun making stuff…you`ll feel happy and live longer!


 Bisous my friends!

 *All designs ©Sofs creations and designs. Copyright is not transferable with this gift!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The making of kitty cat.

My latest template... Love this new addition, don't you?! Make one yourself from sofsdesigns.etsy.com 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Paper 3d designs

Yep, that's where I have been lately. 
Designing 3d objects on any CAD program I could get my hands on, unfolding my designs, printing them on cool paper, cutting, scoring and glueing. 
Half the process feeds my graphic/computer science/design hunger and the other my make, diy, try to figure out better or news ways attitude. I am a changed person and that's just the beginning! I have big ideas...more to come.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sofsdesigns and Papercraft

I guess I discovered the art of papercraft about 2 years ago when I bought a book for the kids called PaperToy Monsters.

We loved it so much that I kept engaged with the art until just recently when I really started to expand. I am now hooked and designing my own papercrafts.

I have made some templates and they are on this site if you want to check them out. You can make your own here. And here www.sofsdesigns.com

 I am excited about perfecting my skills and making many more including my own little monsters.