Saturday, February 1, 2014

Presentation day, shirt tutorial.

Imagine wearing your presentation topic! Well that's what we have in mind over here and we want to show you how. First you will need to find fabric or have fabric printed over at spoonflower or a similar place. This step should be done as soon as you know what you are presenting on cause it may take a while. As you can see in the pictures Steph has been researching le ' l√©opard des neiges' (french school) and so I had the fabric made for her. She was so happy. 

And now the fun stuff: please use pictures as instructions and comment me if you need more details. PICTURE TUTORIAL
Have fun! And good luck with your presie.

Use one of your favorite shirt as a pattern.

We took an old curtain to use as the back. We cut using the leopard front as a pattern and pinned it together inside out.

Sew all around leaving the bottom and neck line open...and Voilà! You are ready for the big day!

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