Saturday, January 19, 2013

From Sofs heart to yours...

I am fairly new to the world of drawing on tablets such as an ipad but let me tell you!! I love it...First its very convenient as there is no mess or fuss. (although I sometimes appreciate the fuss and mess that comes with art) Second I am feeling really free to scratch and start again which sometimes not so when I use paper as I am always feeling like I am wasting. Plus other benefits but the point is: Voila...3 designs done late at night when the chillens are sleeping...

As I mentioned on my facebook page, these are for you to use! (giving back feels so good)

Please don't use for resale or anything of the sort and if possible do tell that Sofs made them.
(for the ones who would prefer ready made items, I have created magnets, pocket mirrors and pinback buttons with these design for sale at my etsy shop).

With love,

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