Saturday, January 26, 2013

Duffel bags!

Hi! ...yes I am into duffel bags and going a little duff crazy. More coming soon and some will be for sale here. I have to warn you...using thick materials make the whole process somewhat frustarting. I would try (if you are into that kinda thing) with laminated cotton. A charm as you do not need to worry about fraying... I used a 7 inch circle with a 22 inch (attached to circle) by 16 inch (size 14 inch zipper).

The sizes can vary and all you need to remember is 3.14 which is the number you need to find what size circles you need depending on the size of your prefered duffel. I had forgotten hence the reason why I went looking around on the web and found this great tutorial. Awesome, ain't it?!  check out her etsy shop too, beautiful dolls.

 I am so grateful for all the nice people who take the time to freely share on the web.

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