Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wear your pictures!

I am so so tickled. I have been imagining this day and this dress for quite a while now...I have tried a few different versions and this one is my official first thumbs up.

Yes, you can wear your family portraits! I have been imagining the day I would for a while now, and I have finally made it. How fun!.. Who knows what’s next?! Life is just so damn exciting when you partake in the creating of it…

 La vie est sacrément excitante quand vous participez à sa création...y’a vraiment juste vous qui imaginez vos limites…C’est toujours faisable, il faut juste y croire et être convaincu, le reste va venir avec le temps et le plaisir (qui se trouve dans l’effort).  Faites-vous confiance et faites-le à votre façon!

I am convinced that its just a matter of time before the whole world has one of their own picture dress. We are so digital! I love it...Here are some of my lessons through-out the process: use smoky kinda pictures and frames that blend in the edges of the pictures. I use spoonflower for the printing of the fabric and I choose a knit fabric. Simple lines, nothing too complicated and with little cutting since you don't want to scatter the print lines by cutting too many faces on pictures. (please do as you feel is right obviously, this is just what I learned and like!)

 I used the simple dress tutorial by GiannyL. She is one of my favorite youtube fashion DIY and her tutorials fit in with my style of learning. I have no time and patience for long instructions and detailed measuring. I like to use pictures to get inspired and to the point instructions if any.


Oh!  and the back cardigan is made using this tutorial. A big Kudos goes out to all my cyber friends for sharing their inspirations, techniques and ideas! Love you all...

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