Sunday, February 24, 2013

The 'Drape Drape' series sewing book review

The Drape Drape series by Hisako Sato

Drape Drape 1

Drape Drape 2

To be released soon in English: Drape Drape 3
If you order these books online, they go for about $16-18 here in Montreal, Canada. They are very inspiring and have enough illustrations to give you a good idea on how to proceed. I found lots of thread on the books from fellow bloggers and seamstresses. If you are not sure if you will know how to make the designs you will find plenty of help from the community. As far as I like to make stuff, I normally use the ideas and concepts I read about and then design from scratch. Therefore I am often not so concern with the patterns provided. This said, the ideas here are easily replicated and transformed so I love the books.
Although I am entertained (which is half the reason why I get the books) the artsy pictures sometimes leave me a bit frustrated as it is harder to imagine how it will fit me. I wish sometimes there were a few more 'standard' pictures of the garment on the models so I could really get an idea of how it sits on the body. An aspect that I found somewhat incompatible with my style, is that the models are all a size 0 which again doesn't really give me an idea on how it will fit me. That said, the draping can also look great on any shapes or frame but needs to be adjusted somewhat. There are some super simple pieces that can be adapted to everyday and some that are very artsy that could possible only be put on in ones' own home or a really jazzy night out. I like the mix.
Also as I previously mentioned there are many reviews and blogs written as well as many pictures of the pieces made by the community which can give you a great idea on how it will really look once completed. Finally, I normally find that when I get multiple pattern book by the same designer there are a lot of repeated work. But I have to say that this time, from what I can see in Drape Drape 1 and 2 there are many new ideas and so its worth having both books. (hopefully same goes for the #3)
I made one piece so far and will post pictures are soon as possible. Happy draping!


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