Friday, November 2, 2012

New vintage blue sewing machine

Singer model 347 Straight Lock Stitch and zigzag built in 1962 in St-Jean Richelieu in Canada. I read a little about them and only some were made here in Canada, many others at that time were made in Japan. Nearly everything is made out of metal and it’s so strong and stable, a real pleasure to work with. This one was refurbished by a pro ( ebay dude) so that all parts function real well. I recommend as I bought a few other ones and although I paid a lot less they will need a bit of work to work as well as this one. In the end it will come up to the same
I think I will give this one to my youngest daughter who has been very excited about sewing up a few things for her friends. She has now moved from 'mom, pink is the best color ever' to ‘blue everything’. It will be hers on condition that I get to use it whenever I want to of course! I am always on the lookout for funky machines...what color will the next one be ?...

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