Friday, November 4, 2011

Maybe I would be better off calling myself…the fair weather blogger as I definitely do not and cannot call myself a full grown blogger! There ought to be rules against people like me...that said, I haven't really felt quite right for some time now...I am one of those who go thru an emotional shift when autumn rolls around. The changes in the daily routine combined with a lot less day light throws me for a bit of a loop! I find refuge and comfort in knowing it will pass and that there are many of us going thru this change!!

I felt just about better when I took the time to complete this lovely sits at my front door and welcomes me home now. I also realized that it was quite fun to take pictures of framed pictures...

Moments spent with fabric may it be just feeling, touching, gazing and cutting...are therapy for me...and for you too...I know!
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