Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fabulous fabric BANNERS, Pennants, bunting flags!

I made these fabric banners for my girls (always for my girls...!) However I brought them with me to decorate my booth this summer at Finnigan's market...(great saturday activity for all...) and everyone wanted to buy them!...Of course, I just couldn' know...the hang so nice in my girls bedrooms...SO, so I made more! ...They are great and I don't know if its the thickness of the flags (compared to plastic or paper banners) and/or a combination of color/cool prints....what ever it is...they really are fabulous. Try it! simple...if you don't have the time or are not set-up for this kind of stuff...they will be for sale soon on my more interesting bit of info. they feature my fabric, Sofs original designs...VRAIment!...

C'est le temps de s'amuser...en tout temps...oui...c'est la faute aux couleurs sur le mur!...motivant.

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bleuvanille said...

I love bunting too, such an easy way to instantly create a joyful place. J'aime beaucoup les plus petits triangles entre les plus grands, et le fait que ce soit tes propres tissus, wow!